Windows 10 is here – Quick Summary


Windows 10 is here

Windows 10 by Microsoft was just recently launched to the public as a free upgrade to their Windows 7 or Windows 8. Many of us were left with much displeasure when Windows 8 was launched back in Oct. 2012. What promised to be a revolutionary operating system turned out to be extremely clunky and unfriendly to a PC or laptop user. Microsoft fumbled with this operating system sparking off a massive roll-back by manufacturers back to the previous operating system ie. Windows 7.  Hopefully there would not be a need to do the same with Windows 10. Having said that, Windows 8 has become a stable and usable operating system for the tablet market.


Now the question for Microsoft is how to blend the two operating systems Windows 7 and Windows 8 into one powerful operating system. The product of their huge development efforts come in the shape of Windows 10. At first glance the product looks aesthetically very friendly and not taking away the features that users are already familiar with ie. the task bar, start bar, easily accessible menus etc.


The Windows 10 comes as a free upgrade and you have probably already seen this as Windows firmly plants a ubiquitous icon on the bottom right of your task bar alerting you of this. You have the option to register automatically for this free upgrade. Having already done the first upgrade to my laptop, I can safely say that the interface is nice, clean and intuitive and I can expect more productivity from this new operating system. Only time will tell as to how efficient they have made this OS and thus giving a new zest of life to your old laptop. I hope to bring more on Windows 10 in this blog, so stay tuned!

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