Trump saving face.

Trump saving face.

Trump saving face. Loading

The recent events and public statements by Trump have been puzzling to the public. I have a theory which I talk about in this post.

You have to give it to Trump, he knows how to use power but it’s unfortunate that he uses it only to feed his own narcissistic interests. Nobody dares to question him for the fear of being demoted or fired. His only critics are the untouchables like the news and social media which he dismisses as fake if they are not favorable to him. You either worship him or bear the consequences. Trump single handedly has ripped the very foundation and essence of what we all come to know as good leadership. Fairness, equality, empathy and the desire to do good for the nation are the expected qualities of a good leader or are they?

Throughout history, we have had tyrant leaders ruling the countries, they come and go. No individuals had similar personalities that dictated the course of a nation, everyone was starkly different. Perhaps if you examined the leaders that stand out as the most noble of all ie. Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Ghandi? Maybe we can get a sense of what the perfect leader should be like. Unfortunately, there is no such thing and leaders will only be known for their accomplishments in history. So what we are talking about in essence is a man or woman who has a vision or set of visions and manages to fulfill them.

Trump managed to sell his visions to the people very well in the run up to the election of 2016. He touched on topics that reverberated with many social groups that seemed to have lost their voice. I won’t go into the details but will outline some of his visions; border security (build a wall), deporting illegal immigrants, make America great, bring back jobs. He mainly resonated with white, blue-collar working class, and those without college degrees, see Wiki reference.

Understandably, his visions created rifts between different classes of people, but despite this, he still came out victorious.

The question we should ask ourselves is, did Trump manage to deliver on all of his promised visions. From my point of view, he has failed and I think the undecided public voice of 2016 are slowly waking up to this realization. The group that is pro-democratic are convinced more than ever and will go to great lengths from preventing another 4 year term of Trump. Biden should be happy that he has this group of staunch supporters to back him in the November election. All he needs to do is go after the ‘unsure’ group and those who will skip from voting as can be seen from his presidential campaign.

Trump knows that he is falling behind in the electoral votes that he needs in order to win. I doubt he can rely on the hard core republican voters that have blindly supported him, there have been noises of defection within this crowd.

What will be Trump’s master stroke be in the upcoming election to defeat his very strong opponent? It is very possible that his recent puzzling incidents of his contraction of the virus and his grand entrance to the White house could picture a defeated president on the way out. Perhaps he is making amends with mistakes he has made over the handling of the coronavirus pandemic. Slowly coming to the realization and telling his people of the same. Why so late in the pandemic? I am of the thinking that knowing that he has no chance in the November election, he is paving the way for a grand exit. One should understand that even though we have the national polls and other local polls to give us an idea of the state of the upcoming election, you cannot forget that the government has masses of information of the outcome from the ‘stealth’ data that is only available to the government. Don’t think for a moment that the CIA has been sitting pretty all these years with their cutting edge surveillance equipment and their fingers on the pulse.

It doesn’t make sense for Trump to make brazen statements as he has been doing recently (Fig. 1). Many will think that he has been living in cuckoo land all this time but it becomes abundantly clear if you understand his motives as explained above. He wants to be known for his ‘soft hand’ and perhaps a flicker of an empathetic man which was largely devoid in his 4 year term in office. He knows very well that presidents will be known in history more for their ills than their good.

Trump is effectively trying to save face.

Trump saving face with his recent public statements.

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