Thomas the Tank Engine Christmas Village – Build from Scratch

Thomas the Tank Engine Christmas Village – Build from Scratch

Thomas the Tank Engine Christmas Village – Build from Scratch Loading

With Christmas around the corner, I show how you can build your own little Christmas Village to dazzle anyone! This was made from an inspiration that I had from my little girls’s toy, Thomas the Tank Engine. See all the steps of making this warm-felt model Village of heaven, that will be appreciated by all.

My daughter of 4 years old loves Thomas the Tank Engine, she carries it around in her left hand wherever she goes. I remember when she was so little and could barely crawl, she would peer at the world through her big eyes trying to make sense of everything around her. Apart from her fascination of the big TV screen and absorbing all the nursery rhymes, I decided to get her a Thomas tank engine with a round track. At least she will have something real to look at and I was right. She would watch that tank engine go round and round past the windmill and the fat controller standing next to the track and she would never get bored. I then had a great idea for a Christmas present to give to her on her first year and that was to build a Christmas village around this track. This is how the project came about.

I provide here the steps to this build and something anyone with a little patience can put together and have lots of fun during the Christmas festivities!

Step 1.

You need a base to work with and I cut a large plywood base where the train track can sit along with the other areas for the village including houses, street etc. I decided to add a mini-lake in the middle where I can add a few figurines of children playing and having fun. The creative potential for this is unlimited! You can also create your theme.

Ferdouse-christmas village

Fig. 1 Base of plywood for the base to the Xmas Village


Glue some posts as shown in Fig 1 for the underneath, so that you an run wires for all the lights and tie various fixtures through the plywood to the underside.

Glue posts for the underside

Glue the posts for the underside.


Step 2.

Come up with the theme for the village. I decided to add a pond with a set of houses around the edges and of course snow for the whole area. Gather all the materials for the village before you start making it, it will help you to finalize the positioning and the overall theme that you want to create. So lots of trips to Michaels and Walmart including some purchases from Amazon!

Gather all the materials

Buy all the items for the village beforehand so you can visualize the placements and arrangement of everything.


Various items for the Village

Various items that will eventually go into the Xmas village base

Step 3.

Start making! Work out what you will need before hand for the project and start putting down the artifacts for each section of the village. This is where you can really get creative!

I decided to build a pond in the middle of the track and cut a large round piece from cardboard paper as shown in Fig. 3a. I would paint this with the blue color of the pond. For the village, I purchased them from Michaels and got some led lighting to feed into the houses to give the effect of people living in the house. The lamposts that you can see are already wired with LEDs so I just needed to connect to a batter box. You can see the big advantage of having made some free space below the underside with the posts I described earlier. I thought a big village Christmas tree would fit perfectly with this theme so purchased this from Michaels and got me some tiny leds with various colors to wrap all the around the tree.

To give some authenticity to the track, I got some fencing and laid this around the track.

Build of the xmas village

Fig. 3a The first stages of the theme creation of the Thomas the Tank Engine Xmas Village.


Second phase of project

Fig. 3b Phase 2 of the Christmas Village project

The ‘snow’ material can be easily found in any craft stores and all the figurines I shopped around and also easily obtained.


Completed Thomas the Tank Christmas Village!


completed model xmas village

Completed model xmas village

Watch the Youtube Video!


Gallery of close up pics for you to enjoy!

Xmas village model

Gallery of Christmas village that you can make.

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