The rebirth of Paintology – A whole new experience in Digital Painting

The rebirth of Paintology – A whole new experience in Digital Painting

The rebirth of Paintology – A whole new experience in Digital Painting Loading

The rebirth of Paintology is here. A new 32 inch painting canvas has been developed by Dr. Ferdouse Khaleque with the much loved Paintology app and is sure to change the way we think of digital painting today. Read the full article.

It’s been a while since I wrote my last blog and many things have happened since then. The problem was how to write everything into one blog post, which is a bit challenging to do. I have decided that the best approach was to single out my biggest breakthrough in the world of digital painting and this was my old application that was launched back in 2013 called Paintology. If you have been an avid follower of my Youtube channel, you will see that I have been using a number of different digital applications to do my painting and drawing. Having said that, the digital painting I am talking about are not the ones to come out of say the Photoshop camp but from myself being a traditional artist.

Many traditional artists won’t make the jump to digital painting or drawing as it does not lend to itself the same ‘feel’ as traditional painting ie. using a brush, rather than a mouse and lots of digital widgets. I am very happy to say that there is hope for traditional artists to move to digital painting without the technical knowledge required to drive a software application. There are plenty of examples that I have provided in my Youtube channel where I have built a 32 inch digital canvas and one can pick a normal brush and do painting on the 32 inch.

I believe that this ‘new way’ of painting will allow traditional artists to move to this new digital medium rather than the digital technologies out there that only supports somewhat computer savvy folks. I have yet to find other artists gravitating to this new medium and my aim is to change that by showing examples as I have done so through my Youtube channel.

You may very well ask, why paint that way? why not just stick to the traditional method of painting. My usual reply is that if we did not continue to strive for new way of doing things we will remain as we are. There have been plenty of artists and creative minds in history who have changed the perception of doing something different when at that time, people were puzzled as to why. Examples are, the abstract artists, impressionist painters etc. But, you may ask, those were all artistic movements and this new medium is not really about creative change. I also have answers for that.

Any ‘medium’ is effectively a creative change, think of the modern artist like Damien Hirst, he definitely thinks outside the box and will use any form of medium to showcase his creativity. In much the same way that this new medium can bring about new creative artists and thinkers. I can go beyond just advocating the power of the digital medium and tell you that there is a great potential waiting for creative thinkers to tinker with this medium and bring about a new change in the art that we have come to love and enjoy. I have lovingly put together this new 32 inch device and made many artistic imprints with my humble brush and I can tell you that this has opened doors to extend my creative skills and techniques. You need only to see some of my digital artwork showcased for all to see on my Youtube channel.

If you go through the 30 or more videos that I have already done, you will see a steady improvement in my techniques. Most of the paintings that I have done are all completed in one sitting and in less than an hour. Here is what I have learnt so far from the digital paintings that I have done thus far:

  • There is a greater speed at which you can select colors without the hassle of mixing which makes digital paintings extremely fast to do.
  • The speed at which you can paint on this medium implies that your learning curve will be correspondingly faster
  • Your rate of learning on this medium implies that you can tap into your creative side and bring about your creation quicker than other means.
  • Something most important that I have learnt is that the application of color and tones means that your drawings can take on a whole new dimension. This is something that I have picked up recently and exploring more with further paintings.

I feel that the digital medium has been overlooked with coyness by many creative people only because it requires some technical know-how. However, the Paintology application with the 32 inch touch screen makes it an extremely versatile tool for newcomers and encourage other artists to break into this new mold.

I hope to bring you more interesting articles on this new 32 inch digital canvas with Paintology.

I strongly feel that this is the rebirth of the Paintology app and will open new doors for all the creative doers and thinkers!


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