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The achievements of the digital man

I thought I would put up this post that was written by my cousin Robin, who had insisted that the world should know about my work? Naturally, I was flattered by the remark but I was hesitant in posting this at first but I thought why not. Robin and I go back 25 years and […]

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Left handed way to practice drawing.

You may have come across my article posted on the merits of drawing with your least dominant hand, link below. My 30 day challenge brought about many interesting facts about drawing with your left hand and also demystified my notions that left-handed people are generally more creative due to them using the right side of […]

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Digital Drawing & Painting – Big boulders

In my previous post, I mentioned that drawing any subjects that take your fancy is a good way to get some practice. However, try to pick interesting subjects that are not too complex depending on your level of experience. I also find that I don’t normally spend any more than an hour on any individual […]