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An abstract painting of a Mosque using the Paintology app


Painting of a mosque in Istanbul, Turkey and is a familiar site in the skyline if you have ever visited Istanbul. The architecture of these famous mosques are breathtaking with the domes breaking the longitudinal lines of the city sky and the minarets jutting out into the sky.

What are the best styluses for your smartphones & tablets


The stylus is making a big come back now that many folks have large screen smartphones as well as tablets. What was once popular over a decade ago with the PDAs coming from Palm and other manufacturers their uses cannot be underestimated.

Van Gogh Wheat fields with cypresses painted on Galaxy Tab 2 using Paintology app


Ever wanted to create a painting of a grand master, then you can with your Android tablet and a free copy of Paintology (downloadable from Google play). Fig. 1 shows a famous painting by Vincent Van Gogh ‘Wheat fields with cypresses’ created on the tablet in about 30 minutes. I don’t expect everyone to make a drawing this fast since you may not be as familiar with the tools of Paintology like I am. However, it shows how with a little effort and some patience you can start painting and drawing like this.

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Digital Painting – Clouds

Clouds are always an interesting subject for painters and artists and the fact that they can take on many shapes and colors depending on the season makes it even more appealing. However, drawing and painting clouds can be one of the most difficult tasks that artists can undertake. The famous landscape artist Bob Ross made […]