Tablet Drawing – Android Sketch

Tablet Drawing – Android Sketch

Tablet Drawing – Android Sketch Loading

Tablet drawing has come a long way since I had developed and launched the Android Paintology application back in 2012. In this new round of challenge, I work with a popular Drawing application called Sketch. The application on my first round of drawings appears to have plenty of versatility and features for a budding artist.

Portrait using SketchNow that I have completed my 30 day challenge drawing with my left hand, I thought it might be a good idea to go to a medium that I enjoyed few years back and that is drawing on a tablet. I can also see the kind of advances made for the applications for tablet drawing compared to my favorite drawing app that I became very fond of…Paintology.

I installed the app Sketch from the Google play store and immediately went about to do drawings that I thought was suitable for tablet drawing, these included the night skys, portraits etc. There were good tools for these kind of drawings including the blending, marker and paint tool. It was only after a few days experimenting with the application that I came to realize some of it’s hidden potential. I feel confident that with time, I will get better and as good as the drawing I do on paper. The versatility and the available tools are far more plenty than any set of brick and mortar mediums such as charcoal, acrylic etc. However, there will be a need to appreciate these tools and extend it towards the artwork that I want to create. This will of course require some time, but time I believe will be well spent.

There are of course other drawing applications with each offering their own unique touches. Android Sketch seems to have a good range of tools to do various types drawings and they even have a service to upload and share your drawings. There is obviously a big difference between drawing on paper and drawing on a tablet. The glass like feeling with your finger to the tablet is obvious and maybe distracting to some artists. However, my feeling is that any type of texture, shade, tone, color can be achieved on a tablet. There are applications that tries to create the real-world flow of acrylics, paints, pencil etc but the tactile feeling will always be different. To what extent this has on the creative imagination of the individual is yet to be understood. However, with my experience working with my left hand, I could shed more light into this interesting area.

Hope you will continue to follow me in this interesting venture that I have set for myself.

Portrait using sketch

Portrait using Sketch


Draw planet sunset with Sketch

Draw planet sunset with Sketch


Water landscape in Sketch

Water landscape with paint, marker and blend tool

Tablet drawing of a dog

Draw a dog using Android Sketch

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