Speed painting on the Motorola Droid using a custom made stylus and Paintology


Now anyone can make interesting works of art on your smartphone and this video demonstrates how. The stylus I used for this is based around an anti-static material which I cut out and wrapped around the pen. I unwrapped a paper clip and wrapped the foil around the pen over the foil template. You don’t have to do this if taping around the pen is sufficient and holds the foil. Notice, that I don’t focus on any particular detail and I am simply trying to build up the painting. For more details on how to improve your drawing, please see the beginners, intermediate and advanced courses found on this site. Pls use the navigation buttons on the right. The important thing about this painting is that you can tailor the dark and light hues of the black to add the effects you are looking for. This painting would not be possible using the finger alone.


Happy Painting!

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