Speed drawing on the Samsung Galaxy Note with S pen and Paintology


This painting was done using a Galaxy Note with S-Pen and the Paintology Android app and was made around 30 mins. The training shows how one can create “art” in relatively little time on your tablet or phone and in particular due to the superb interface of the Paintology app. selected a light canvas background for this and you will see that I mainly stay on the left side of the color box to get the different shades of grey. Remember, if you move to the right you will get a grey color but it will have subtle hints of the primary color selected. Make sure to save the work from time to time, because for any reasons such as the battery dying, you could lose all your valuable work. There are some interesting brush styles that are well suited for the plantation such as the trees, its a question of experimenting with the brush styles as much as you can.


Happy Painting!

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