Organize your papers, mail, receipts for just $3

Okay, I am a big fan of Michaels, Dollar Tree and other shops where I can buy the necessary items for my creative projects. The other day while I was shopping in Dollar Tree I came across these organizers (Fig. 1) which are cardboard type trays to organize your papers. It was the perfect thing I was looking for and they came in packs of 2 for only $1.



Paper cardboard holder

Paper cardboard holder from dollar tree


I decided that I was going to get a bunch to organize my papers, mail, receipts and alike to keep myself efficient in the mini-office that I made for myself. When I got home, I had more ideas on how to bind these organizers together to make a stackable tray (shown in the pics). I was quite impressed myself to have come up with this idea since the trolley shelf was sitting pretty doing nothing and suddenly it became more valuable.


Cardboard paper holder

Paper organizers stuck together


How to put them together:

Assembling the organizer was a breeze… you actually have to bend one of the flaps to close the base and the unit looked as though it could hold up to some light use. I then made 6 of these units and then stuck them with Elmers glue. I wasn’t sure how strong this bond would be but I thought I would give it a try anyways. I have used Elmers wood glue and that was a fantastic product and produced a really strong bond for all my wood projects. In fact the joints were so strong that the force would literally tear away the wood around the joint rather than the glue joint itself!


As usual, one has to let the glue dry which did not take too long, the curing time for this glue seemed to be a few hours. For some of the joints I put glue in between and stuck them together with clear sticky tape. The finished product is shown in the pics.


The whole ‘stackable tray’ unit fits snug in the trolley shelf and I couldn’t be happier. Now, I need to wade through all the papers, open my mail, pay the bills and all the un-fun stuff….sigh.


Paper cardboard organizer

Paper cardboard holder in office environment



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