Left hand drawing challenge – assessment after 30 days

Left hand drawing challenge – assessment after 30 days

Left hand drawing challenge – assessment after 30 days Loading

The 30 day challenge drawing with my left hand proved not only to be a great experience but also an eye-opener. I feel that it answers some of the latent questions why some people find it hard to draw and also opens up interesting questions about creativity…

Some of you have been following me in my venture with drawing using my left-hand. This venture came about by accident while I was trying to give my right hand a rest and to see if I can utilize my left hand for drawing. It turns out that the experience has been very worthwhile and at the same time opening up and answering some important questions related to drawing with your least dominant hand.

In those 30 days, I have found out that I am much better with my left hand than I had initially imagined. There was an initial discomfort drawing with my left hand but after several drawings, the feeling of awkwardness had escaped from my head. I believe that this initial hurdle is the reason why many do not pursue drawing any further and thus will never know what it is like to cross this first hurdle. They will most likely use that excuse of discomfort and lack of ability in order not to pursue drawing. It’s a bit sad, I think.

As with any activity, the further one pursues and overcomes the initial hurdle, they will be in another category of creative artists where their skills are appreciated by many. Take that even further and you are likely to belong to an even smaller category of people who have taken their skills to a whole new level of creativity with techniques mastered much to the amazement of other people.

One of the aspects of drawing with my left hand was the notion that the left hand is controlled by the right side of the brain. My thinking was that since the left hand was controlled by the right brain then it would acquire some of the creative components or elements that are associated with the right brain. With this thinking in mind, I have found so far that I have not ‘sparked’ any sense of creativity that has taken root in the right brain. I am beginning to think that the imagination or creativity emanates from our thinking capacity in the first place and not necessarily the lobes of the brain. If we did originate creative thinking in our head it may very well spark the lobes that are inherent in that creative ability and this continues to grow with our appreciation of arts etc. However, how we implement the right or left limbs probably has little to do with that creative element.

I believe it is our inherent ability to imagine and make creative thoughts in our head and translate this to the real world with techniques that we master as an artist. The beauty will ultimately reside in the way we portray all the creative elements to the real world.

I am very hopeful about my drawing venture, since it gives me a great sense of freedom to express my creativity. Although, at this stage I am focused on techniques and mastering them, I am hoping I can bring about some creativity that will be unique to me and appreciated by everyone!




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