Left hand drawing challenge – assessment after 20 days

Left hand drawing challenge – assessment after 20 days

Left hand drawing challenge – assessment after 20 days Loading

My 20 day assessment of the Daily Left Hand drawing challenge has answered some of my earlier questions regarding this exercise and introduced some more questions. I am very happy to say that I am lucky to have started this 30 day challenge as it has shifted some of my thinking regarding learning a new skill. I am sure it can benefit you in whatever skills you undertake!

Since I started the drawing challenge 20 days ago, there have been a growing interest to this particular challenge, especially from the facebook community.

This post is a continuation of the posts where I make assessment after 5 days and 10 days, you can also read the introductory 30 days challenge.

I got remarks such as my left hand drawing were as good as some peoples right hand!

I setup a poll in facebook asking the community to guess how long it would take someone to get as good as their dominant hand (if they never drew with their other hand). From the results, 70% indicated that it would take 6 months or more while the rest 30% indicated it could take as much as 2 months. Fig. 1 shows the poll results out of 10 votes.


Left hand as good as right

Fig. 1 Ferdouse facebook polls on left hand drawing challenge. How long it would take.


When I first started out this 30 day drawing challenge, I had some burning questions that would be raised by doing this exercise. Some of these questions, fortunately, has been answered but some require further explanations.

Here is my experience after having done 19 drawings thus far.

  • When I first started this challenge, I had no idea how I would progress on a day to day basis. I have never drawn before with my left hand.
  • The first few drawings that I did, I felt awkward and fully alert that I was not used to this way of drawing.
  • I deliberately chose simple subjects to get started which seemed the right thing to do, hence I drew a tree. I also used one charcoal pencil.
  • I found that doing my signature was the hardest part of the drawing. Although, I had some control over the drawing which were looser strokes, the signature with one pass seemed very difficult. The signature was a challenge all the way up to Day 19.
  • In the first set of drawings, my mind, even outside of drawing was trying to adjust to the difficulty in the drawing with my left hand. Even though, I had plans to draw with my right hand, my mind somewhat was struggling to adjust to the idea of drawing and I would assume that the drawing experience would be hard. I think, the mind was trying to overstep the awkward phase to get me into the comfortable drawing stage. It was only after the 10th day, that my mind became settled with the left hand drawing and I no longer had those uncomfortable feelings during the day. It’s very possible that when you take up something new, the mind goes to work even outside of the task. This may explain why we tend to solve complex problems not during the task itself but sometimes afterwards like the following day.
  • Having completed 19 days drawing, I am confident that I can reach the level of my right hand in a short time also which was one of the very first questions I had, which was the length of time to get as good as my right hand.

As a result of this exercise, there were further questions that came to me whilst I was doing the drawings.

Does my left hand drawing techniques take on the same style as my right hand. After all, I would like to take out the ‘bad habits’ of my right hand drawing and start afresh with my left hand. Is it possible that I can start afresh and think afresh with my drawings or does the ‘mind map’ of the right-hand also gets transferred to my left. I raise this point, because one of the drawings that I did #15 was a portrait, it was a drawing that I did not feel was as good but many people liked this drawing. This makes me wonder that how much of my own perception can cloud the judgement of my own artwork. Perhaps, I can and should draw that does not have a defined path ie. realism but a unique style that will galvanize a whole community. Having said that, maybe, I should be more expressive in my left hand and NOT move towards a goal of just trying to be good with my right hand.

Based on my previous understanding that I need to get as good with my right hand, as I am writing this post, I have decided to remove that ‘thinking’ and allow my left-arm to develop it’s own unique style and theme of drawing and painting. This thinking alone excites me a great deal because not only is my left hand in the early stages of learning a new skill, perhaps by my understanding of art and nuances would allow me to be a remarkable artist with my left hand. This potentially could lead me to a whole genre of artistry that I have yet to discover.

So the thinking, I now need to implant into my head is, ‘allow freedom of expressionism’ with my left hand and see where this can take me!

Since this opens up some exciting new possibilities, there is a tendency for my mind to think like the artist that I have been so far with my right hand. Would I need to disengage from the thinking that I had learnt from all those years I have done drawing and painting or should I just stroll on and just keep in mind that I have given freedom of choice to my left-hand and let it blossom as it should.

Here is another very interesting fact also regarding this exercise.

We know that the brain has two lobes, one controls the left side and the other controls the right side. It makes sense that if the left (which is extremely logical and rationale) controls the right part of your body including your left, then the left hand is controlled by the right side of the brain (which is considered more intuitive, language proficient etc). It goes to say that it makes good sense to allow the left hand to develop according to that creative side of the brain and not re-engineer the left hand to serve a defined purpose. Here, I feel more comfortable with my new notions that I should and must let my left hand develop on it’s own.

This may help me to answer some of my original questions that I had, for example, at what point do I become comfortable drawing with my left hand. I know this to true after I made my #10th drawing where I felt at ease with my left hand. Perhaps this is the turning point where I should now allow the freedom of expression of my left hand. Drawing #15 had a particular significance in this exercise since this was a drawing that appealed to many of the casual observers. Perhaps, that drawing was something I did in the spur of the minute without ‘borrowing’ the techniques from my right hand drawing abilities.

In conclusion, I feel more emboldened with this exercise of drawing with my left hand. The trick in my opinion is to allow a freedom of expression and not to aim for a specific goal or target that may preclude creative opportunities or a different path altogether. I now feel that after the 30 day challenge, I should continue to nurture the left arm without bias from the right arm/hand and to see if I can enhance and lift my drawings and paintings to far greater heights than it is today.

Astonishing as it may seem, the principles outlined in the paragraph above seems to apply to my other activities such as the strategies for running a business, cooking, relationships etc.

I believe now more than ever that you will be whatever you plant in your mind. This is slightly different from the saying that


Here are all the videos to date from the drawing challenge uploaded to my Youtube channel. Click on the image below to go directly there.


left hand drawing challenge playlist

Ferdouse youtube video playlist of the left hand drawing challenge


To see the video of the tiger drawing #19, please click on image below.


Ferdouse channel on tiger drawing

Tiger drawing link to youtube video – ferdouse channel


The next 10 days of my 30 day challenge looks more exciting than ever and using the new techniques and principles I have learnt.

Please join me for each drawing day, you can subscribe to my Youtube channel to get notifications.

I welcome all feedback and questions and you can submit in the form below.


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