Is knowledge rearing it’s head for a better society or a conflicting one – Read more?

Is knowledge rearing it’s head for a better society or a conflicting one – Read more?

Is knowledge rearing it’s head for a better society or a conflicting one – Read more? Loading

Without knowledge society would not be where it is but the topic does deserve discussion as to it’s indirect impact to human society. I touch on some aspects of this in this enlightening post…

It would be a mistake to think that no one at one time or another has stopped to think what they would do if they came across 1 million dollars. It’s a dream that many of us have and would like to strive for but many feel that it is an impossible task. But the odd thing is that some folks feel that they have a better chance at the lottery than making it by themselves. The actual truth is that there is higher chance that if you work for it, you are more likely to get it than trying your luck in the lottery.

Why is this the case?

knowledge - where is it taking us

Knowledge – enhances society or is it creating deep divisions?

Maybe it’s the nature of people to want something quickly rather than having to work hard for it or maybe it is what mother nature intended for us. I personally believe the ethics of hard work to strive for your goals that were once held in high esteem is slowly being eroded in today’s society. This is not due to nature but more from the world we live in where instant gratification and indulgence seems to the norm. The proliferation of knowledge that is abound everywhere plays an important part in all this. Let me explain why.

Centuries ago, knowledge was in the realms of a small group of people. This is because knowledge was not easily acquired as we did not have the speedy communications of car, trains and internet of today. Instead many people had to rely on information handed down to them. Since knowledge was so scarce and not easily distributed, many folks only knew of a few trades to survive ie. agriculture, blacksmith, cobblers etc. This was the only means to survival and provide for themselves and for their own family. The people who did have that power were in the elite camps that did have access to this knowledge such as monarchies, clergymen, scholars etc. They could potentially wield great power from this and they did. You may ask, how is this different to today.

There are much more dynamics at play in the world of today. Knowledge is freely available and you don’t have to go to school to have the same knowledge as say a graduate. All you need is the will power and sheer determination to take an interest in a subject and take it beyond. Everything today is available online and if you are determined you can become as polished as the person next to you. So what does this mean effectively? It means that with the proliferation of information comes plagiarisation of knowledge. Basically anyone can take a piece of information not shared with others and provide an argument that sounds very convincing. This brings me to the point that I made in a previous article where I was critical of the so-called ‘experts’ that can embody this type of thinking.

We are more divided as a society now than ever before due to the proliferation of knowledge. You could say that we are almost heading towards an information meltdown. As a result of this, we have factions of people who are highly susceptible to following others to ‘fill the gaps’ in their knowledge. They may not have an opinion of why they think in a particular way, but would rather give credit to the person that they think have the knowledge. On the other hand we have highly evolved thinkers who are questioning the status quo and are most likely to be in loggerheads with the folks mentioned earlier. This naturally creates division and a more tensive environment. You just need to see the spit-spat that is currently going on with Democrats and Republicans and the type of thinkers that support each party.

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