Ikea VUKU – Full build and review

Ikea VUKU – Full build and review

Ikea VUKU – Full build and review Loading

Ikea VUKU portable wardrobe is ideal for storing extra clothes. It is cheap and a versatile product and I show a full build of this here.

Watch the youtube video provided on this build.

In this post, I will show you the full build of the Ikea VUKU portable wardrobe (Serial No: 803.319.73). The item is located in their Showroom of the Bedroom section and not in the warehouse.

I have a full youtube video of this build below.

It still puzzles me that some items are not in the warehouse and some items you need to order from a cashier in the warehouse to collect from the customer service.

It is sad that many people have now become disgruntled with Ikea’s service but not so much on the products that they are selling. I have done most of my shopping from the Ikea stores and then taking them in my car. On a couple of occasions, I have had to do delivery but never had the issues that have been profanely displayed in some of the review sites such as trustpilot or consumeraffairs.

The problem may be due to the pandemic and the subsequent big changes and extra demand placed on the company. I just wanted to give some notice to the readers who are contemplating buying online and having delivery.

I have to confess that the company’s website needs a lot of improvement as it is not easy to navigate. I can critic this as I am a power online user and having developed websites over a period of 25 years.

Anyways, going back to the build of the Vuku, the product is amazing value and was slightly quirky while building it. Therefore the youtube video is to help users who want to get more information about this build.

It is an easy assemble and I would suggest you go over my video before embarking on this mini project. It is one of those projects that will have the ‘aha’ moment only after you have tried building it.

The product is ideal for storing all your spare and extra clothes and can be situation anywhere in the house including, garage, sun room, porch, attic etc. I have bought these to store my seasonal clothes and intend to provide additional protection by putting into some vacuum sleeving that you can also purchase from the store. Watch this space!

Another point I wanted to mention is that I wanted to post a review of this build on Ikeas site but failed to find a place where I could do this. I checked their information on submitting a review and as expected very sparse information which was unhelpful. I wish, they would give m the job of updating their website, they could make a lot of happy customers and get some.

If you want to know more please submit your comments below. Thanks!

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