How to trim videos in Youtube Studio Beta

How to trim videos in Youtube Studio Beta

How to trim videos in Youtube Studio Beta Loading

Using Youtube Studio Beta for editing your video can prove challenging to newcomers. Although many of us edit the video on the desktop and then upload to YouTube, there are occasions when it is easier to edit the video through their editing tool since we don’t have to download and edit and then upload. Plus, there is a good chance that Youtube will also likely change it’s searching engine positioning thinking the video to be entirely different.

In this post, I show you step by step on how to use the trim function on YouTube Studio Beta.

Recently, I have embarked on creating a Youtube channel like all other inspired youtubers out there. It was a learning process at first, trying to use Youtube Classic to work with the new videos and editing which I completely ditched for a standalone video editor for the PC. I recommend any youtuber to try the HitFilm Express as it is an excellent video editing tool and has most of the features a beginners/intermediate vlogger can want or expect.

Anyways, back to the topic in hand. Some of the final edited videos that I uploaded to Youtube included unwanted trailing video footage which I accidentally kept in the final video when I was trying to speed up the videos.  Rather than uploading a new one, I thought it was best that I edit from Youtube itself. It was quite a challenge to do this on the Youtube Studio Beta and thought I would share this with other Youtubers who are using the Youtube Studio Beta rather than the Youtube Classic. I cannot speak for Youtube Classic since I used this many years ago and decided to opt for their Beta version.

Firstly, the ‘Trim’ function for the Youtube Beta is minimally described in the following link which I found to be least helpful and so I tried to look for a video and oddly enough there were no videos on the Youtube Beta trim function but there were plenty for the Youtube Studio Classic. Hence, another of my reasons for posting this ad.

Google description of the trim

Google’s scanty description of the trim function in Youtube Beta


The function of Trim, to say the least is not intuitive and takes sometime to get right. However, I make this task easy for you which you can follow below or better still go straight to my video describing how to use this important video function.

Youtube video of how to Trim

Youtube video on how to trim videos using Youtube Studio Beta

How to use the trim function in the Youtube Studio Beta.

I may not do proper justice, trying to explain in textual form of the use of the trim function and I encourage all readers to check out the video, but here goes.

When you are in the editor mode for the video, you will see a storyline of the video at the bottom (Fig. 2).

Youtube Beta Studio

Fig. 2 Video editor Youtube Studio Beta


What you wan’t to do now, is drag the keyframe (the handle that moves a long horizontal line to the point that you want to trim or edit the video).

Select the blue TRIM icon next to the video timer and you have some new functionalities to work with. You can now drag the left or right areas of the storyboard to a suitable point that ‘trims’ the video to wanted and unwanted sections. The unwanted section will be in black which means that this portion will be eliminated from the video ONLY after you SAVE the video at the top right. See what I mean! There is no way a sane minded person can provide a good written explanation for this unintuitive feature that Youtube has integrated to their product. Before you lose your own sanity, please head over to my youtube video in the description above or just click on the link below. Trust me you will save yourself a lot of time, by just reviewing this video.



Thanks, and please provide any feedback or comments below.


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