Funny dialogue on the online chat regarding fathers

This may very well dishearten you (if you are a father) or uplift you with the biting sense of humor. It came about when I was visiting websites related to ‘parental kidnapping’, don’t ask me, it’s a very long story.

Anyways, I was trying to get as much information as possible on this topic and came across this site that talks about it (Fig. 1). I was baffled that the content of the site all pointed to father’s abducting their own child from mothers but never a mention that mothers can also be culprits. I thought ‘hold on’, this is a bit biased. But then I saw the online chat popping up with someone eager to talk to me. So I had an interesting and maybe funny conversation which I thought I would post forĀ others to read.


Fathers are the abuserss

Website that talks only about fathers abducting their child.

Fig. 1 Content of site only pointing to fathers abducting their own child but no mothers

The online conversation about fathers

The online conversation

Fig. 2 The online conversation that ensued once I was on the page with the chat feature of the site.


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