Drawing itself is an art form – speed drawing helps you to improve

One of the strikings things about a photo realistic painting or drawing is the type of reactions that one gets from a viewer. Maybe you will get words of exclamation ‘amazing, I actually thought it was a black and white photo’ or ‘is it, really!’. After that, the preponderance towards the artwork as to it’s aesthetic beauty and style like the ‘Starry Night’ by Vincent Van Gogh, just seems to disappear with time. One would come back to the photo-realistic painting with ‘wow, lets see how she or he did it’ as opposed to a timeless wonder as you gaze upon the ‘Starry Night’. The artist is never in question when you truly appreciate a piece of art.


I was once in a local beginners drawing class that you can find in meetup.com and went to it as I was going through a ‘drawing’ phase in my life. I wanted to do something outside of isolation and see what others were doing. In the class, people were all busy drawing shades of gray with HB pencils and that was all they did in the 2 hrs. Although, there were on occasions when we got to draw fruits or other household artifacts. The whole idea of drawing different grades of black and mastering this was propelled by a gentleman who was into photo realistic pencil drawings. The class must have seen a picture of his works and got highly motivated as a result. Although, I like the idea of doing different grades of black and white to practice, I find this can defeat the beginner. What happens as a result is that in their minds they do not feel comfortable moving to the next step unless they have completely mastered this technique. The learning becomes too marked by structure and too ‘rigid’ in my opinion that they think creativity is a process that comes after the mastery of these techniques. I have got news for you! Everyone has creativity built into them and its not confined to a few or you need to become good at it. It reminds me of a saying that I admire ‘dance like nobody is watching’. How it fits into what I am talking about, you need to figure it out yourself, sorry.



I encourage you to take the following exercise.


Pick up a pencil or pen and blank piece of paper, then draw a line in any direction onto the paper.  Begin to draw somewhat parallel lines using this as reference. Next, find a lighter tone pencil or colored pencil and then draw perpendicular lines crossing these lines, just short lines and make it random across the page. What you have just created, is a piece of art! It is unique to you, the way the lines wave as you cut across the paper, the strength of the lines on the paper, the choice of the lines you did perpendicular to that page. It’s a unique piece of art and only you did it! Okay, so now you may argue it’s no way near the other great works of art, its too simple. I say to you, this is just the beginning of greater things to come, and only if you believe it so. Imagine this to be a landscape, you could think of the lines to be telegraph poles,, you may want to tie these poles with cables. You may also want to draw a distance house or some trees. You may want to draw a sunset, the world is your imagination. This is exactly what drives you and if you become to embroiled with all the nuances of failures, you will not be able to move with the speed of lightning and let your imagination carry you there. Techniques, methods, approach, styles will only follow.


I am not a trained artist or have done any art for that long and some ask whether I have had any formal training. I just say it’s my interest and I can sit for hours doing this. If you had the same level of interest and passion, you won’t be asking me that question, you would be showing off your artwork and skills!


Here is another exercise I want you to do, to move away from the ‘rigidness’ of drawing and the thinking you need some training. Try to speed-draw so you cannot focus on what you call blunders and come to a full stop. In this way, you will see how the pen, paper and your free flowing mind renders something on paper. You maybe surprised!


Two videos I have uploaded to youtube are in this post:


First one, ‘draw a eye in 2 minutes’.


Second one, ‘draw an apple in 4 minutes’


Try it and don’t tell me you are not having fun, because if you do, you are concentrating too much on the details!




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