Consciousness is shaped by the way each of us are

Consciousness is defined as the state of being awake and aware of ones surroundings (google search). We know that the world connects us and we more or less perceive the same surroundings as does anyone else. We are then able to communicate with each other due to this commonality. There are many theories abound regarding consciousness and you can read more from this link…




We can think of consciousness being tied to the very being of our own self. You can see the diagram below which shows our interpretation of the world is governed by the attitude and behavior of our own being. Although we all see the same world through our senses, our interpretation of it maybe distinctly different from each other. Let me give you a simple example, if we were to gaze upon a color say ‘red’ this will appear to be red to any observer, however, one can interpret this red as fiery and evoke emotions within and to someone else it could be a color that calms them. This is just an example but hopefully you can see my point.


Effectively, there are two planes that exist before the world is presented to us and this is filtered through our own self of attitude, behavior, mood and all of the human qualities that you can think of. It makes us unique individuals and the ability to see the world like no other person. It is this basis of our own self that if we can train and enlighten, we can probably have a more deep and meaningful connection with the world and thus the people we connect with.


consciousness and you

Consciousness and perception shaped by self

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