Charcoals are great for drawing animals such as an elephant

Unlike pencils, you can use charcoal to produce impressive drawings very fast. The ability to blend and with it’s higher range of contrasting tones, the drawing will look bolder than a pencil drawing. Add to this a white charcoal and you have extended the dynamic range of the tones with gray toned paper. It’s a great way to get into drawing and allows for a fluid and more expressive way to show off your creativity.



Here is a drawing that I did on 18×24 Strathmore gray toned paper. The charcoal sticks were nothing special and they were of cheap brands but make sure to have a gray toned charcoal to produce the grays. The drawing was done under an hour and with practice and attention to the details where they matter, you can also produce drawing such as this.



The process is simple. Start with outlining the main features such as the elephant and the background. Don’t go into the details of the drawing right away. Lay down the base gray tones where you see it and then with a paper blender just etch the charcoal into the paper. The final step should be doing the details and darkening and whitening the areas as needed.



Have fun! Please feel free to comment below if you have any questions or need help with.



charcoal drawing of an elephant – step 2

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