Charcoal – Woman of the Woods

Charcoal – Woman of the Woods

Charcoal – Woman of the Woods Loading

Charcoal black and white drawing using charcoal pencils (black and white), blender on Toned gray sketch paper by Strathmore (5.5 x 8.5)

Hello to all my fellow readers…


I have been recently trying to get back to painting and drawing. As most people who know me, my inspirations for painting and drawing comes only from time to time. Unfortunately, I seldom find it hard to keep this area of work consistent in my life, but maybe it’s all for a reason. The real joy of this creative space is in the satisfaction of producing artwork that you feel is helping to hone your skills as well as conveying some underlying message in the artwork.


So it is, that I have embarked again on the charcoal which is a relatively easy medium and requires least amount of effort in setting up. In fact, you can always keep a drawing pad and a few charcoal pencils by your side whenever you feel the urge to do a drawing. I have taken it upon myself to do one drawing per day using this medium so that I may continue to improve my skills and maybe produce artwork that has some significance to me as well as the viewer.


In this drawing, I googled some black and white portrait shots of people and picked out an interesting picture that I wanted to work on. I had already done several drawings prior to this and feeling somewhat comfortable with some people’s feedback which naturally helps me to keep motivated. Those drawings I have yet to post. I found the original black and white image very intriguing with the woman in the foreground and the distance trees in the landscape. It felt somewhat eerie and since the composition was not too difficult, I decided to work on it. The result of my effort you will see below.


There are several things to note from drawing this piece. I used a pencil to first outline the various trees and the woman in the front. Then I searched for darker broader tones to lay down on the paper with my charcoal chalk. I slowly filled out the details as I went along alternating between the white charcoal pencil and using the merging tool to soften the blacks. As I continued to draw, it occurred to me that the drawing had an eerie atmosphere to it and thought about playing with this theme. I attempted to do some kind of a connection between the snowy landscaped scene and the woman. I extended the white to the woman’s face to resemble the background color and tried to create a ‘halo’ effect around the woman. I was surprised that I was able to lay down some details to her face with relative ease using the fine tipped black charcoal pencil and the white charcoal and blender tool. I wasn’t sure what to expect since I wanted to make the woman feel part of the whole picture and hence the name of this drawing…Woman of the Woods.


I wanted the ‘woman’ to be an extension of the background and not quite sure if I managed to capture the essence of what I wanted to do..but maybe the readers can add their feedback.


Look out for the next drawing and please feel free to add your comments and feedback.

charcoal black and white

Charcoal – woman of the woods in black and white.



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