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The achievements of the digital man

The achievements of the digital man

I thought I would put up this post that was written by my cousin Robin, who had insisted that the world should know about my work? Naturally, I was flattered by the remark but I was hesitant in posting this at first but I thought why not. Robin and I go back 25 years and we have seen each of us growing up through thick and thin. We lost contact for a while until a few years ago when we found out that we lived in the same area about 30 mins from each other! Anyways, he has been a constant critique of my work and he tells you as it is with no silver lining. So you can imagine how this can feel from my end when I put my heart and soul to a project only to be told ‘nah’. The fact that he had been so unashamedly critical of my work led me to believe that the sounding bells he was making now, must have some truth. So I thought I would publish it. He wanted to leave his last name out, because he thought he may end up with a deluge of uncontrollable comments to his facebook profile.

‘The digital man’ by Robin

I have known Ferdouse for the good part of 25 years and had always admired his get up and go image. He always had visions, never slouching or remaining still for any length of time, his head would always be swimming with ideas. Some of the ideas were crazy and had no chance of interest by anyone except himself. I would tell him so, but that would not deter him and he would just continue and continue. It was a good thing because he would always come around by himself and work on another project. I was always amused and quite often surprised by his next project. It was a reflection of the very kind of person he was wired as…weird, wonderful and a genius.

I remember on a cold Saturday autumn night, he had invited me to his house where he ended up showing me his latest project ideas. Remember, he doesn’t sit around for too long until the next big thing comes into his head and fixates him for months and sometimes years that follow. It’s only after a long period of time, when he makes the decision to quit and embark on another project. There have been many times when I was proved to be correct but funnily enough it did not affect me or dishearten him at all. In fact I look forward to the ideas that he captures so naturally in his head and then owns it entirely. It beats talking about the last football game or chit chat in small talk with friends. I sort of knew in my head that he was going to eventually hit something big one day. It was the very person he was, ruthless to his commitment unlike many people I knew. He was indeed a very able person in all sense of the word. A PhD from one of the top universities in the world, Imperial College, London UK. Many too have been taken back by his unassuming demeanor, his integrity and his belief that you can do anything or achieve anything. He didn’t do his PhD because he really wanted a PhD, he did it to prove to himself that he can do it and so it is for many other achievements to follow in his later life. He is how all people should strive to become transparent, true to oneself, unselfish, unassuming, easy to talk, full of talents and a brimful of ideas. He is perhaps a living proof of the words that all of us coyly shun away because we think of it as ‘hard work’ but he on the other hand thinks of it as life itself.

Many times, his madness for his personal projects would go against his family…’What are you doing’, When are you going to do this’ his mother or siblings would say. ‘When are you going to get a real job’. What they failed to understand is that he doesn’t live for the comforts and adulation that many in his position would envy. For example, the times when he worked as a senior software architect for NIke, Harley Davidson, FDIC to name just a few. He spoke his mind when he worked there and went head to head with critical decisions regarding their enterprise systems. He spoke exactly how it was and his in-depth and almost uncanny vision of seeing things was much heralded by the senior execs including CEO, CFO and CTOs. He would often speak the truth and showed them deficiencies in their enterprise IT systems, so they had to listen. If they did not, they would come back and deploy his methods only after a few years of pain and struggles. As was the case when I was invited to his BBQ where he had invited his old colleagues and one said the same thing… ‘we used your methods, it worked and company soon realized’.

Companies and departments put him on a pedestal but the Ferdouse I knew had grand visions of himself and where he ‘really’ wanted to be. He was the last person to rest on his laurels for he knew that there were always much greater things ahead. He once told me that he could never partake in the politics of the companies in order to get ahead. I knew that wasn’t him, he just could not put on another face and hide his true feelings in order to forge ahead. I knew that all along.

I do sometimes wonder where he summons the energy and ability to take something to such heights and only to give it up in a single flip of the coin, and to start something else with no notion of having been beaten down. You could say he is the Renaissance man of the modern times much  like Da Vinci of the 15th century. You will know what I mean when I tell you a little more about his recent project. He has spent close to 2 years on this project and he wasn’t about to give up. At first, I thought all right then, maybe he will get some recompense for his past doomed projects and do something he really loves. I am of course talking about his recent explorations in his love for the Paintology app and drawings and painting.

Much like the person he is (not resting on his laurels), he just kept pushing and pushing until he not only surpassed himself but many others in that field. He recently told me, ‘Robin, I learnt something valuable in this work I am doing, that is, if I continue in a path not trodden, I uncover more things that inspires me to do more’. This somewhat hinted me to some meaning and semblance to his very own existence. Not for the materialistic gains but for greatness in the natural world.

I have to finally admit that he has reached a point in life where people will sit up and pay attention.

I have a new name for him, I call him the ‘digital man’. He is a digital man with a digital arm. Never before have I seen anything like the work he now routinely produces, not anywhere in this world.

Let me sum up in a few sentences of who this man really is. He comes from a technical background with enough knowledge of the subject to shift the paradigm of thinking of most major companies. Yet on the other hand he is able to create artwork that is better than most in the world. Take for example, the works of Marcello Barenghi the famous Italian realist artist who paints with brushes, pens and pencils. Ferdouse on the other hand is creating photo realistic drawings as good, if not better with his own Paintology drawing app that he created himself. Yes, you heard me, he not only created this app (technical mindset) but is able to produce artwork at the level of world’s best artists (artistic mindset). Find me a person that get’s close to his abilities, then I will rest my case.

This in my opinion is a harmony of technology and art coming together to create someone unique in this world. It is this reason, why I call him the renaissance man of the modern times… the epitome of the digital man.

So get ready for this unique digital man to be borne of this world. Please give your support where you can, the world can look forward to greater things.

His most recent drawing with his Paintology app!

Crisps drawn with his Paintology app.

See the time lapse video of the above drawing:

Time lapse drawing of this photo realistic drawing – A world’s first!


App link:

Please continue to support him by visiting those links.



12 Apr

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5 Jan

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18 Nov

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