13 Jan

The most dangerous man living today (Trump).

The most dangerous man living today (Trump).

The US election of 2020 and moreover the events that unfolded in the Capitol Hill tells us a lot about the seated President Donald Trump.

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Trump has everything in his power to quell these riots, but he chooses to stoke violence

The election has been proven that it belongs to Biden, get over it.

Even at this point in time, this president still refuses to concede to his loss in the election and continues to claim the election was rigged, fraudulent and stolen from him. Ladies and gentlemen and in particular the staunch supporters of Trump, take heed and listen to what I have to say.

If there was ever a doubt to a President who has little regard or zero regard to the care and protection of the nation that he governs, then Trump is a living example of this. For all you Trump supporters, and I supported him at the beginning of his term in 2016, thinking he would bring changes for the good, I was wrong and you Republicans should think seriously about what kind of a man you are supporting.

Many supporters continue to rally behind this man without understanding the deep chasms that he has inflicted on the American people. You should know that his refusal to accept the loss of the election gracefully as many presidents before him, paints the kind of man he truly is. He has no regard for the democracy of the nation and is purely interested in his own selfish being.

If the recent events, haven’t revealed the kind of man that Trump is than look to your nation as a whole.

His four year term in office was marred with in-fights and a continued barrage of stoking international diplomatic conflicts. He abandoned the climate control programs, treaties that were set to harmonize international trade and peace. His agenda in office was purely to make a name for himself, he had zero interests in the people he represented. His term was spent on propping up his business affairs and pretty much allying with his own family to run much of the public office. The famous philosopher Immanuel Kant would have been disgraced by the lack of morality in the Republican sphere. None dare to oppose him and Trump, relished in this unrivalled power for his own good and enjoyment. He was on twitter feed for most of his time, and did not have good dealings with any of the government agencies that ran the country. He simply could not be bothered or taxed with the duties of governing a country as he was too busy keeping his fan base alive.

Trump’s sole interest is for himself, not to his citizens.

I have heard Republicans even to this day speak with great reverence about Trump, really? Could you back this up with his examples of this greatness of a leader. I fear that just like Trump blowing his trumpet with unfounded claims of voter fraud, you probably fall into this same category. After all, why would you be a staunch supporter of Trump. As the saying goes, birds of a feather stick together.

Here is what the intended course of action should have been after Trump lost the election in November 2020, if he were a true honest leader that ACTUALLY cared for his people.

You want a better future for yourself, then pay attention to these points..

  1. He would have accepted the election loss gracefully since he would not want to stoke doubt with his supporters. He did none of this and continued to shed more doubts and lies to his base of followers, expecting to overthrow a legitimate election.
  2. He is single handedly culpable for the incident that took place in Capitol Hill with his base supporters on 6th January, 2021 where five people died in this event. Note from point 1 above, he could have avoided this incident altogether had he allayed any fears amongst his supporters of mischief in the election, long time ago. In actual fact, he did the opposite and chose to support his selfish and narcissistic personality.
  3. Following this vile incident on US democracy, he continues to leave doubt about the election to his followers, so effectively setting the stage for more protests and violence to follow. The FBI are frantically working behind the scenes to pinpoint and foil any of these planned nationwide attacks that are being prepared up to the Biden presidential inauguration set for Wednesday, 20th January 2021. Trump could do a lot to allay those radical supporters from carrying out such despicable acts of terrorisms on the nation. He still continues to claim that the election was stolen and so does all of his supporters.

So the bottom line, is that you can continue to support this dangerous president who has no respect for any of it’s citizens that he represents. He is the main culprit for dividing this nation with lies and even when there was a legitimate outcome. Do you honestly think that is the correct behavior of an outgoing president or of a good standing leader?

Look at his handling of the corona virus pandemic where the US has the highest national deaths than any other nations. He likes to blame China for this virus, so what, it is here on our shores, so get off your back* and do something about it. You should be glad that Biden who takes a more serious view in this matter is already working behind the scenes to bring measures to curtail this virus once he takes office. You should be very glad and rejoicing, a man who shows empathy for his nation.

I say to all of these Republican supporters, you might like to think COVID is fake news, but do you honestly feel that the entire world is staging this? It would take a tremendous effort from news broadcasts and filming crews to stage realistic pictures of bodies fighting for their last breath on ventilators. The many respected academic institutions around the world who have written heavily on this subject and showing a grave concern on this pandemic. I can go on and on, but you are adults and can make up your own mind.

It’s time to learn from the past and move along.

I will make a last plea to these staunch supporters of Trump who follow him blindly without questioning his motives or reading about the facts. Please move along, especially if you love your country. The US was built on immigration and a vision to the future, it is the reason why it is one of the most powerful nation in the world. Don’t think for a moment to go back to times you have grown up in and are in the past, the world has moved on big time. For any nation to survive and do well in the future, calls for cooperation among it’s citizens, working together to bring about great change that will benefit every individual in the country. You just have to dig into history to see all of this.

God bless America! Make America Great Again.


19 Oct

COVID-19 | Poor messaging by the Conservative Party

I thought I would make another post on the COVID-19 pandemic since I could not help listening to the disappointments conveyed in the daily news and many people throughout the UK. It stems from the same messaging that the Politicians of the Conservative party has been using since the pandemic started. This is ‘Protect the NHS’.

It concerns me a great deal that they continue to use this term event up to today despite the fact that there are no reasons for using this term. However, they continue to use this slogan, even today, for example by an interview by the Sky news host with Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick (Fig. 1).

Fig. 1 Another Conservative politician Housing Sec Robert Jenrick – Protect the NHS

I am beginning to paint a sordid picture of why the Conservative party chooses to use this slogan again and again.

By using this slogan, what these politicians are choosing to do is SHIFT the onus on the importance of the NHS. This allows them to deflect from their handling of the Pandemic which most will agree has been very poor throughout the pandemic.

I have indicated on my long daily log of the Pandemic on the use of the poor messaging that the government has continued to use, see post here. I am not sure why people are not seeing this like I am. For example, the fact that they had the messaging on their daily briefing which nobody argued, see Fig. 2

Fig. 2 This message is misleading and not appropriate.

I have been arguing that this message is wrong and misleading, putting more importance on an entity ‘NHS’ rather than lives. I don’t know about you, I will move heaven and earth to save lives, that should always be our first priority. Putting more importance on a health establishment over saving lives is a dangerous and misleading message. Look what happened with this thinking which they continue to propagate. The care homes were ignored, their work on track and trace took a back seat and still not fully functional. They ignored countries that put in place methods and procedures that kept their citizens death to a minimum. I could go on and on, but you best read my blog posts below.

Here is what the proper messaging should be.

Save Lives should be the biggest priority over anything else.

To add more substance to my argument, have you seen any other nations talking about protecting their health systems, NO! They are not that stupid, they know that saving lives is the primary objective and ALL their energies went into that, the fact that they were going to be overrun was given and they coped.

We have a bunch of arrogant politicians running the show and getting away with it by clouding people’s judgement that NHS needs to be protected. Whenever they come up with that statement, say ‘NO, our priority is to save lives’. However, you can guess what circular arguments that they are going to use to confuse you, ie. ‘without the NHS’ we won’t be able to cope… You get my drift!

A very disgruntled citizen who is still baffled that these people we have elected are getting away with this sham.