Capitalism is here to stay but it needs to reform?

Capitalism is here to stay but it needs to reform?

Capitalism is here to stay but it needs to reform? Loading

We are seeing many conflicts around the world and many point to the cracks in capitalism. The problem stems deeper than we think, and we do have the capabilities to change for the better.

With so much unrest by people against their governments around the world these days ie. Hong Kong, Bolivia, France, Venezuela and growing all the time….surely it must be telling us something.

There is an article by the Guardian, where it talks about globalization and the uneven distribution of wealth that is leading to the so called crisis of capitalism. I believe the problem stems much deeper than what is discussed in the article.

My belief is that a society faces cracks within when people become uncomfortable with government policies that can take a different turn in their future. This can happen when something within the policies or rules of the nation just doesn’t feel right. Take for example the Hong Kong protest, where the recent intervention by the US for a bill condemning China has the protesters embracing the US flag. In other parts of the world, the same flag is shown being burnt around angry groups of people. In essence, it has little to do with capitalism but a great deal to do with the way nations govern.

We associate capitalism with the great movements of European nations in the last couple of centuries and with the US representing as the centerpiece of modern capitalism. Hong Kong has been one of the affluent participants of this industrial growth and most people have lived and embraced it for decades. However, any ruling by China to impose it’s own values on the people will naturally bring about hostility within it’s people. Whilst many people of China are experiencing middle class growth and prosperity the Hong Kong people have witnessed and experienced all of this long before.

It is the conditional thinking of a society and the history it has played up to that point in time that awakens these movements. This explains why a society in the deepest regions of African or the Middle East would have a differing opinions of capitalism as viewed by the West. Over there, you can argue that the West saw the great potential for oil, minerals and resources that was necessary for the propulsion of capitalism. The people of those nations will no doubt have some form of animosity and distrust of Western values and principles. Capitalism has eventually infiltrated into those regions through a combination of providing better living standards and on the other hand through military might.

Some people may argue, that for capitalism to work, it needs to have the trust and confidence of the people. I would like to debunk this theory and give you my own opinion. It does not need the trust and confidence of the people of the nation, but only the ruling class elite of the nation, ie. ‘the wealthy and powerful’ people. After all, where have you seen in history, that enablers of capitalism voice the rich wonders of capitalism to the people that matter. Capitalism has ebbed and shaped its way to where it is because of a handful of people who can leverage the system for their own personal needs and desires but yet provide a ‘magnificent’ living style for the people.

People who are the ultimate recipients of the capitalistic movements eventually weigh into all of these. After all, if they did not, there would be none of the societies we see around today. Low cost of goods, low employment rates, earnings for everyone are the primary factors that bring people into alignment. So why should a nation of people with well-being and prosperity still be in loggerheads with it’s own government?

I believe the answers are always based on trust. After all, the system was injected into society through a wave of industrial revolution and always being maintained and controlled by a select few with wealth and power. People can hardly be expected to claim injustice when it has only brought about great change and prosperity to the nation. So why the complaints now?

The wealth distribution gap and the necessity of order and control has wormed it’s way to the surface. You have to remember, that if a majority of the public lived with prosperity then a few naysayers will have little impact to society. The question that begs answering is can we continue to live in this state and ignore the little grievances by people that pop up now and then around the world. I fear not. Unrest only arises and becomes a bigger issue if it’s not addressed by the people that matter. History has time and time again have proven to be replete of all this.

We need change but one that will lead to fair values for all the people concerned. However, we need to keep that so called ‘capitalistic’ engine moving as it has surely contributed to the greatest change in human history in terms of innovation, technology, growth and more.

I believe we are at the precipice of a great change that has the potential to take mankind into a new direction. A direction that benefits everyone concerned and make nations even wealthier than it is now. In effect making people at the top and more importantly at the bottom more prosperous than they are today.

Please go to my article, ‘the dawn of a new society’ where you can read about how we could ultimately achieve this.

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