Art and AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Art and AI (Artificial Intelligence)

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Much is being talked about the impact of AI in society. We know that the technology is routinely used in Google search and soon to be introduced into driverless cars. What about AI in art, is there a future?

We live in a very interesting and futuristic society where we can gaze into the future and expect great things to come.

These marvels of science can be in the form of driver-less cars, artificial intelligence, space exploration, bio-engineering, cars that can fly were unimaginable a few decades ago but they are slowly becoming a reality.

You may not know it, but AI has already taken over our daily lives. Amazon echo is based around AI, the Google search uses AI to give you optimized results, your smartphone is getting even smarter (no pun intended). The other day as I was writing my emails using Gmail, I noticed for the first time that Google was predicting my sentences I was going to write. Naturally, it worked on short sentences and the common ones without trying to intrude into your writing prose. I find it very handy.

Your smartphone is a conduit to an AI. My Google Pixel phone somehow is trying to figure out how I am using the phone and does try to predict ahead of time of time of what I will do with the phone. For example, the phone is almost silent without the annoying beeps when I go to sleep. However, in case of emergency phone calls, I am curious how it would deal with this. Of course, it doesn’t always get it right and there have been times when I was annoyed with having to change my volume levels. I know for sure no one touches my volume settings but I have found this to be at zero on occasions. For heavens sake Google, I am not always sleeping on my job!

Anyways, moving to the topic of this post where AI (artificial intelligence meets) meets Art. This is a topic open to conversation and begs the question whether another AI can produce works of art like Van Gogh or at least copy it. There have been some attempts by Google where an unassuming AI is able to generate a work unique piece of art from scratch. They have already developed something called Quick Draw that allows AI to guess a drawing that you make even before you finish it.

 Google Quick Draw

Google and Amazon are not the only players in this market. Facebook, Microsoft and similar companies are had at work working on AI research. Here is an interesting find with Microsoft’s AI drawing bot drawing a bird.

Microsoft’s new drawing bot is an AI artist

You may ask where all this is taking us and some even wonder if AI will take over mankind!

I tend to think that all the hype and rumors are generated by people of influence without truly understanding the mechanisms of AI, only to get publicity. I can name one individual, Elon Musk who fears that a potential AI apocalyptic war is the midst. One should listen to the brains of the academic world such Andrew Ng who eloquently explains what AI is and even provides an online course on AI who has the stomach for it! Pretty sure Elon Musk would not muster this course, although he is happy to boast to everyone what it means to all of us.

The truth behind AI is that it requires huge amount of computational data, much like our brain in order to make any intelligent decisions. The datasets required for neural networks are so huge that only companies such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, Baidu etc are able to do anything useful with AI.

Can we ever have AI producing the works of art like Leonardo De Vinci, Van Gogh, Monet etc ? We could, but what is the fun in that. Many of us would dismiss it as an artificial making it rather than a human…it maybe very good but it does not have a soul.

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