About Me

Coming from a technology background, you could say I lean towards a more left-sided brain. However, in the last few years I have attempted to expand my creative side (the right sided brain) through many forms of art including dancing and arts. Artistic creativity, I believe stems from an isolated and a very individualistic form of thinking that has no reference to logical analysis but more to do with spontaneous thoughts and experiences. Along with this artistic thinking and creativity a new sense of discipline emerges and it is perhaps this factor alone that influences the way you view the external world.


I hope to explore further my potential for artistic creativity, be it in any form and not necessarily just from drawing and painting. I find myself immersed in tackling new projects around the home and to do things this way and that and continue to build on this path of exploration and learning. Perhaps this kind of ‘doing’ allows me to explore more of the opportunities that lie hidden within me and perhaps others also feel the same way. What I do know, is that it gives me a huge sense of purpose and a newer meaning to my life along with a sense of internal achievement. Of course the many compliments I receive from my friends and relatives for my work gives me an added sense of excitement and pleasure.


However, my main goal is to continue down this path and see where it can take me. Perhaps one day, I will come to the realization why everything is where it is and get a bigger sense of the world around me and how everything is conjoined.


Ferdouse Khaleque
1st June, 2012