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20 Jan

Emma Raducanu in the Australian Open 2022

Emma Raducanu in the Australian Open 2022

We were all astounded with the British hopeful when she went through the stages of the US Open to win the final!

Can she do this again on the Australian Open.

Unfortunately Not. Her latest game of 20th Jan, 2022 in the Australian Open.

She has just lost to D. Kovinic an unseeded player in the second round, 6-4, 4-6, 6-3

Her saga on winning another Grand Slam looks like it will be on hold until the French Open and Wimbledon.

However, I wanted to give some of my observations of her rise in the US Open last year and what ensued.

I believe the media attention that she received around the world has caused her to fall back somewhat. After all she is so young and to keep excellent mental control of the distractions that can affect her game is very challenging.

Her great media attention no doubt has played some part to her game play and this is no surprise. From the time she decided to dismiss her current coach and advertise this position worldwide may have also contributed to this. After all, it takes a tremendous coaching team to guide and push a teenager to the hall of fame like it materialized last year. Cutting this important aspect of her overall game play may have cost her.

I would not be surprised that her parents had a bearing in the subsequent game play that followed after her US Open win.

The important point in going forwards from her is that Raducanu needs to keep on top of her game. This means she needs to be less distracted with the worldwide media attention and concentrate on her game. It is vital that the support that comes from her parents and the coaches fully understands this point and shapes her game play going forwards. Only then she can shake the world of tennis in the upcoming Grand slams of Wimbledon and French Open and give the audience to look forward to something like the memorizing performance of the US Open last year.


20 Nov

The Coronavirus in UK – Government’s handling of the early stages of the virus

The Coronavirus in UK – Government’s handling of the early stages of the virus

March 2019

We all know this date of March 2019 when the worldwide pandemic of the Covid-19 virus had hit the shores of UK.

Today, we have heard of the government’s mishandling of this virus in the early stages which could have prevented the deaths of many people who contracted the virus.

While the virus was gaining momentum from news around the world including Italy where the virus was at epidemic proportions, we found a UK government who was sorely slow to take any actions.

I had just got back from another country when I was shocked and surprised the lackluster response of the UK government to the virus. This caused me to keep a daily account in my blog of this virus, link provided below.

The daily account of the Coronavirus as it came through our public TV

While keeping this daily account for more than 4 months, I noticed that the public started to notice the lack of action by the government. This includes all of the following:

  • Slow reaction to making concrete decisions on issuing nationwide lockdown
  • Track and Trace system – a complete shambles of making a workable solution, and wasting billions of dollars of tax payers money
  • Care home deaths – a complete disregard for the proper precautions necessary to limit deaths
  • Mandatory wearing of masks – a sore point for me where they introduced this measure far too late.
  • Isolated action without using WHO data – a government that never peered into other countries that made significant headways in controlling the virus
  • Poor leadership – the lack of taking proper data from Sage and acting upon it

I can list more but these points were being hammered by the news media in the forthcoming months as the death count amounted to 100,000 in the UK alone. This was the biggest by far of any European nation.

I felt compelled that everyone should be educated in the facts that unfolded and learn from these gross errors of judgement. It is only then, we can expect that a government will act more seriously and with more swift action should another outbreak ever happen in our country.

With this in mind, I have put together my daily accounts which show you clear facts that is obvious to the public but fell to deaf ears with the government.

Read the PDF book of the facts that unfolded

Here is the pdf book you can download for free:


Published Amazon Book:

thecoronavirussaga new cover 1
The Coronavirus Book on Amazon – Author: Ferdouse Khaleque

Read this book and feel more empowered to never repeat this hardship and excessive loss of lives again. Demand for a full transparent enquiry as soon as possible.

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Dr. Ferdouse Khaleque


28 Aug

Carrom Game App | An intro to this hugely popular board game by Miniclip

Carrom Game App | An intro to this hugely popular board game by Miniclip

Carrom also known as Karrom is a wooden board game that has been very popular in the Far East. Now the game is available on your phone which is as exciting and fun…



27 Jul

Items for FREE – High Wycombe HP12 4UE